Medium Duty

Offering extreme flexibility and power, our medium-duty tow trucks provide better mobility compared to heavy duty tow trucks and higher strength compared to light-duty tow trucks. This allows us to handle most winch-outs, standard tows or accidents involving a commercial grade or small fleet vehicle. 

 Our medium duty services include but are not limited to:  

  • Ball Hitch Trailers
  • Small Fleet Vehicles
  • Delivery & Food Trucks
  • Shuttle buses, Limousine
  • Box Trucks & Utility Trucks (up to 34’ in length)
  • Class C or B Motor Homes, Camper or Recreational Vehicles

Commercial Fleet Towing

 Additionally, if you’re a company looking for a towing service provider for your fleet of vehicles, we’re proud to partner with you. We work with dozens of major companies to provide the best towing and recovery services in Los Angeles. Contact us